Walking with My Wife

Walking with My WifeDSC04921

Walking in the woods with you,

voicing the ebb and flow of our hopes.

Frost riming, white glazing branches

drooping towards the dark river’s pitch.

What will trick the secret shadows

to make a revelation of themselves?

How can we lay bare sun glint gold

and not be seared by incandescence?

The years and season’s passing have

never palled the chance to embark,

to instigate our interlacing love,

the slender strands of our well-spun web,

the befriending of our broken souls,

and beckon the magic this walk extols.

From The Call of  the Unwritten – Book and Audio available on My Website


  1. Just a thank you. Your words have such truth and beauty that they echo in my soul and I recognise both some of life’s pain and the work we do to make sense of it, but also your poetry takes me beyond to find the well deep in my ? Spirit? Mind? Heart? Or Creation? God? The “well” that sometimes is too deep but there to be found; the well I seek to find despite the ills of my day….you help. I found your poem “no such thing right and wrong”. I sent your poem to a good friend and my husband. It has such simple Beauty and truth that I wanted other people to read it. Thank you. It resonates because I have found forgiveness is tough but without it I could not find peace. Most of all the time to take a vow of honesty and vulnerability seems to be now . It’s as hard as forgiveness for me. My pride struggles. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability. Thank you for the beauty of your worlds.

    On Thursday, 11 June 2015, Adrian G. R. Scott | Poet | Writer |

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