Step One – I am Mad


A poem that looks at the issue of medicating one’s brokenness. By the way I don’t smoke any more, but there are many other forms of medication. The picture is from Dylan Thomas’ Boathouse, another great self medicator. Gold and shadows and the force that drives the green fuse. 

Step One—I Am Mad

I am mad

to stand outside

on cold mornings

and smoke crafty cigarettes.

Then to take

vitamins and little pearls

of garlic and cod-liver oil.

To run

on a machine, or tramp

though the valley with my dogs.

I take

blood pressure tablets,

feel the squeezing armband

of my systolic over diastolic,

and always the tension of my madness.


is the frontline

between my presence

or my disappearance from this world.

I wonder

what would it be like to relax

and not hold the tension between the two?


mother and father,

harmful or healthy,

pressure and release.

To hold

left and right,

dark and light,

to wait for the reconciling third—


one who

walks between,


inner dilation,

deep appreciation,

radical acceptance.

Where life

breathes over me

in moments of tranquility

without the need for nicotine.

Could this

be the road of returning sanity?

The way

to pass through the aperture

of freedom to an unforced future.

Where I

no longer store all that anxiety

in my neglected body and then have to medicate it.

Where I

can breathe it all out in a moment of relief.

Where the

deepest breath will fill the lungs of my deepest me.

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Written by

Adrian G R Scott lives in the Rivelin Valley, Sheffield, he is a poet , writer and amateur photographer. For more He has studied theology, organisation development and is now working on a PhD in English and Creative Writing at Sheffield University. He has written two books of poetry, one of prose and edited a collection of Poetry by the two writing groups he facilitates. After suffering a breakdown in 2014 he has undergone Jungian Analysis for the last two years. He also facilitates Rites of Passage for men and is fascinated by the stories and poetry that come from holy scriptures, fairy tales and other major world religions. He is especially interested in how we find our way through the world with the help of such stories and poems. ​ His books are available at Buy Books

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