May Weddings

Here is a poem I wrote for the wedding of two good friends I met as a volunteer at a local Foodbank. Carl and Maya (pictured) are the mainstays of the enterprise and all of us volunteers pulled together to give them a great day in repayment for their incredible commitment to the work. It seems good to share this piece as we were at another wedding this weekend. This time of our nephew, a fine young man who has turned his life around and now is a role model to other young men. We wish Malcolm and Miranda every happiness. They happened to get married on the same day as Prince Harry and Meghan, which seemed to have touched a chord with many as a celebration of the power of love, as the preacher at their wedding put it.


What is a Marriage?

What is a marriage?
Is it the flowers – bouquets and fragrant churches?
Is it the white silk flounces and fittings?
Is it the video camera and the glow-worm phone lights?
Is it the having to save and save for the big day?

What is a marriage?
Is it the love at first sight, down on one knee?
Is it the dream of the wedding magazines?
Is it the plush venue, the horse drawn carriage?
Is it the cost of a night load of drinking?

Well yes, a marriage might have an arrangement of these.
But do they make a marriage, do they seal a bond for a life?

What is a marriage?
It is the coming together over years of small kisses.
It is the confluence of the flow of two voyages.
It is the bright spark in the night of loneliness.
It is the willingness to say yes, not once, but daily.

What is a marriage?
It can be a safe haven for our children.
It can be a place where others come for love.
It can be a window into the long game of affection.
It can be the room where listening happens.

This is the sacrament; the outward sign of the inward grace.
This is a marriage: the lifetime of hope in another’s face.


Written by

Adrian G R Scott lives in the Rivelin Valley, Sheffield, he is a poet , writer and amateur photographer. For more He has studied theology, organisation development and is now working on a PhD in English and Creative Writing at Sheffield University. He has written two books of poetry, one of prose and edited a collection of Poetry by the two writing groups he facilitates. After suffering a breakdown in 2014 he has undergone Jungian Analysis for the last two years. He also facilitates Rites of Passage for men and is fascinated by the stories and poetry that come from holy scriptures, fairy tales and other major world religions. He is especially interested in how we find our way through the world with the help of such stories and poems. ​ His books are available at Buy Books

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